Subliminal messages have gained popularly recently as a way to reach the subconscious mind to help with a number of self-help related issues like quitting smoking, building self-confidence and losing weight. While subliminal messages where once thought to be deceptive and satanic because of their ability to get past the conscious mind and influence the way someone behaves or thinks, popular opinion has changed. Subliminal messages are now seen as a way to help and not only manipulate or negatively influence others.

To create subliminal messages in an audio recording for you to play back and listen to, you will need to find a Subliminal Recording Software program that will allow you to create personalized subliminal messages. There are many forms of software on the market, so choose the one that gives you the features that you want for a price that is within your budget for this project. The next step will be to come up with your message and write a script for you to read while recording. This is done in much of the same way as writing a personalized self-help script.

Make sure that the language for your subliminal message script is direct and to the point, using vivid imagery words and words spoken in the present tense (i.e. saying “I am” instead of “I will”). The script does not need to be long, and should be fairly repetitive so that the message really had a chance to make a difference in your subconscious. Repeat the same message verbatim a few times, and then alter the wording, but keep the overall message the same.

Once you have written out your personal subliminal message script, you’ll need to choose a track to record over. The track that you choose can be something that is familiar to you, like a favorite song, or soothing music if you are going to listen to the track as you as falling asleep or meditating. If you want to market and sell your subliminal message recording, you will want to make sure that you pick a track that will be universally liked. If you want to get very sophisticated, you can also use Subliminal Recording Software to record videos instead of just purely audio recordings.

The subliminal message is ready to be recorded after you have your subliminal message script and the track that you want to record with. First record your message in a quiet room to avoid any ambient noise. The message should be recorded using a normal voice, no adjustments need to be made while recording the message. Normal subliminal messages last around 30 seconds. When you mix the track and make the final version, you will reduce the volume of the subliminal message so that it is barely audible.
Using the software, you will lay down your music track, and then lay down the subliminal message recording you made right over the music track and loop the message for the duration of the music track. Decrease the volume of the subliminal message track to well below the volume of the music track. You should just be able to hear the message clearly when the music track is muted. The subliminal message track should not be audible when the music track is playing. After you make the necessary adjustments, you will be ready to export the track to a CD.


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